Software Engineering Apprenticeship

Applications are now open for 2023 Software Engineering Apprenticeships at The Trade Desk. It's a life changing opportunity.
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The Apprenticeship Experience

As an Apprentice, you’ll join an experience shaped around four dimensions designed to enable your success: Coaching, Courses, Community, and On the Job Experience.

On the Job Training

The core an apprenticeship is on the job experiences working full-time with a real software engineering team at The Trade Desk. You’ll start by tackling development tickets and finish with a capstone project.


You’ll work directly with a mentor at The Trade Desk who will serve as your week-to-week leader, coach, and manager throughout the apprenticeship. You’ll also check-in monthly with a Workback career success manager.


You’re not going through this alone. You’ll be part of a community of peers including current apprentices and alumni. You’ll also have the chance to network internally at The Trade Desk with UX, Product, and Business teams.

Supplemental Learning

You’ll be assigned courses selected to accelerate your onboarding and round out your professional skills. Example topics include: Programmatic Advertising Industry Introduction, advanced Software Engineering, and Agile training.

Meet your host

The Trade Desk is a global advertising technology company helping to create a better, more transparent open Internet through principled, intelligent advertising. They are one of the fastest growing companies in the programmatic advertising industry. At The Trade Desk you will be working with the software engineering team to help build the next generation of their platform.


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Upskilling Software Engineers at The Trade Desk
In 2021 Workback launched a partnership with global advertising technology leader the Trade Desk to rethink how they hire and promote junior software engineers. The program focused on hard skill and soft skill learning and development.
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Application Process

Create Apprentice Profile
Click Apply Now and take 5-10 minutes to create your profile
Video Interview
Complete a short video screening interview with Workback
Coding Assessment
Take a coding assessment covering basic full-stack software skills
Finalist Interviews
Technical and behavioral final interviews with The Trade Desk

Love for Workback.

“This was an incredible growth opportunity. I learned more in six months with Workback than years in school.”
Apprentice Alumni
“Workback changed my life. I never would have had this opportunity without them.”
Apprentice Alumni
“The apprentices exceeded expectations, and it was an easy decision to bring them on full-time.”
Software Engineering Manager

Important Dates

The Apprenticeship runs January to June 2023 and applications close November 30
October 15 - November 30, 2022
Application Window
December 5 - 12, 2022
Final Interviews
December 15
Notification of Apprenticeship Offer
Application Window
Final Interviews
Notification of Apprenticeship Offer
Paid Jobs
You’ll be paid at a rate equivalent to $115,000-135,000 annually during the Apprenticeship.
Free To Apply
The entire experience, from applying to apprenticeship is free for Apprentices.
Full-time Offers
To date, 100% of Workback apprentices have received full-time offers to continue.
Common questions

How does it all work?

What is the time commitment?

This is a full-time commitment: 40-45 hours per week for the six-month program.

How much will I be paid?

During the six-month Apprenticeship, you’ll be paid at a rate equivalent to $115,000 - $135,000 per year. During the apprenticeship period you’ll be a contractor with optional benefits available.

What happens at the end of the Apprenticeship?

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, the company has the option to present you with a full-time offer to continue. You will transition to a full Employee with the company. Workback’s conversion rate from apprentice to full-time hires is 100% to date.

What's the coding assessment like?

The assessment covers mostly easy and some medium challenges for skills that are taught in most full-stack bootcamps such as: Javascript, React, Node.js, HTML, and SQL. It helps us get a baseline understanding of your skills. Here's some examples: challenge 1, challenge 2. The estimated time to complete is 2-3 hours, but there is no time limit as long as you complete it all at once, so block your calendar for 4 hours just to be safe.

What’s the Workback video interview like?

The Workback Video Interview is a simple screening interview. These interviews will be recorded, and may be shared with the host company during the application process. The interview will be a 10 minute video interview and cover mostly behavioral questions with maybe 1-2 basic technical questions. Please practice professional virtual/video interview habits – here’s a handy video interview guide to help you prepare.

What’s the Finalist interview like?

The Finalist Interviews will be conducted by the host company and consist of 2 parts. One is a behavioral/cultural interview where you will be asked straightforward questions about your background and how you’ve approached previous challenges in your career – practice the STAR method to prepare for this interview. The other is a technical interview where you’ll be asked to walk through your approach to coding challenge on a virtual ‘whiteboard’ – refer to Cracking the Coding Interview to prepare for this interview.

Is the Apprenticeship remote?

The Trade Desk Apprenticeship is hybrid, including both remote and in-person experiences. Ideally, apprentices must be able to commute (or relocate) to one of the following cities 2-3 days per week: New York, Toronto, Boulder, Denver, Seattle/Bellevue, San Francisco, San Jose, Ventura, or Irvine. However, even if this is not a possibility, we encourage you to apply as there may be opportunities for a fully remote experience for the right candidate, and we may be able to match you to other companies. You must also be authorized to work in the USA or Canada to be eligible.