Hire top technology talent from non-traditional backgrounds

Workback matches hiring managers with pre-vetted technical talent for contingent jobs and apprenticeships. With a community of thousands of DEI and early career professionals, Workback helps employers move away from competing with big tech salaries to a skills-based hiring approach.
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A turnkey approach for contingent hiring for technology talent

Workback’s software makes it easy for employers to hire junior tech talent, who need to learn on the job. Our platform de-risks and speeds up early career tech hiring and training, with our sourcing engine, 5 step vetting process, algorithmic matchmaking, and employer of record apprenticeships.
A great way to hire DEI and female candidates in tech roles.
What we do

Skills based hiring made simple

Get matched with US-based, pre-vetted technology talent
Custom sourcing requests for skills-based hiring
Turnkey apprenticeships for de-risking hires with contingent roles
Automating offers, payroll, and benefits with Employer of Record (EOR)
Hi Sara, Steven just passed his coding test at 100% 👍
on track
As of December 2022, Workback has 100% conversion from apprentice to full time hire
Turnkey Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships for software engineers, analytics, and other technical roles

6 Month Contingent Hiring Program
Apprenticeships are 6 month contingent jobs with on the job training included - candidates work with an assigned Manager, and convert to full time after the 6 month period if they meet performance goals.
Supplemental Training
Candidates apply to take on a life changing opportunity with on the job learning experiences and upskilling opportunities
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Hiring Software Engineers at The Trade Desk
In 2021 Workback launched a partnership with global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk to rethink how they source and hire junior software engineers.
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