Recruiting automation platform to streamline technical hiring.

Recruiting teams use Workback to easily source, screen, and hire skilled professionals in technical roles. We partner with the top bootcamps, Universities, and industry groups to source the top 5% of talent. Share a job post to receive matches to candidates for free.

End to end recruiting platform for skills based hiring.

Workback’s platform makes it easy for employers to recruit skilled talent, including those who need to learn on the job. Post jobs, apprenticeships, and pre-apprenticeship opportunities. Meet candidates who have been pre-screened with our sourcing engine, 5 step vetting process, and algorithmic matchmaking.
Save time and effort with our hiring automation features, so you meet only the most qualified candidates.
What's included? 

End to End Skills based HR platform

Receive skills-based candidate matches
Pre-vetting for hard skills and behavioral profiles
Video interviews to enrich the screening process
Candidates from the top 5% of all applicants
Skill verification and background checks
Upgrade for payroll and benefits automation
Upgrade for managed apprenticeships programs
Hi Sara, Steven just passed his coding test at 100% 👍
on track
100% of the apprentices hired have stayed on to become Associate Software Engineers.
Case STudy

Hiring software engineering apprentices with The Trade Desk using skills-based methods

6 Month Software Engineer Apprenticeships
The Trade Desk wanted to hire up and coming software engineering apprentices, and turned to Workback to help. With 6 month roles for post-coding bootcamp graduates, apprentices benefit from on the job training and mentorship from Managers. Roles convert to full time after the 6 month period if performance goals are met.
Supplemental Training
Apprentices benefit from on the job training and continuing education benefits. Candidates can apply to take on a life changing opportunity with practical learning experiences and upskilling baked in.
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Hiring Software Engineers at The Trade Desk
In 2021 Workback launched a partnership with global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk to rethink how they source and hire junior software engineers.
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