How it works:

1. Add Your Employees

Managers can sign up your team in as little as 15 minutes with no cost to start, and no need to wait for HR.

2. Issue Learning Benefit Cards

Managers use their budgets to fund employee benefit cards for upskilling, letting them pay L&D vendors.

3. Automatically Start Upskilling

Employees get smart suggestions on vendor and course selection, to help them perform better at work.

Employees choose their own courses & events

Workback lets employees select from pre-approved lists, to help them get better at work.
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What's Included?

Software To Manage Learning Benefits

Purpose built to make upskilling easier for motivated employees

Software to enable upskilling benefits for small companies
Each employee can access their learning wallet with annual funds
Each employee gets curated, career-specific course suggestions
Companies use existing professional development budgets
Automate employee enrollment, approvals, and suggestions
Learning intelligence dashboard
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Plus 3% processing fee
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Freemium software for teams to offer upskilling benefits.
Upskilling Virtual Benefit Cards
Vetted catalog of content & events
Smart upskilling suggestions
Reporting & Analytics
Customer Success Manager
Per month, per user billed annually
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Customer Success Manager
L&D Vendor Management Negotiation
Integrations with HRIS, Expenses
Automations & Workflows
Advanced Tax Reporting
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Upskilling Software Engineers at The Trade Desk
In 2021 Workback launched a partnership with global advertising technology leader the Trade Desk to rethink how they hire and promote junior software engineers. The program focused on hard skill and soft skill learning and development.
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