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"Midternships" are short term, part time, paid projects that end with the option for the company to hire you.

Changing jobs, roles, and industries can be very difficult and stressful. How can you know if your new role will be any better than your last? The answer is a project to hire. Midternships are 4-8 week projects-to-hire which enable companies to get a sense for your skills, experience, and personality to ensure a mutual fit.

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Matching Top Talent to Great Companies

Workback connects top talent to great jobs with projects to hire or "Midternships"Matching top talent to great companies - WorkbackProjects to hire for critical roles

How It Works

Get Matched. Create your profile with role and industry preferences and Workback will match you to available projects.
Work on a Project. Meet your Host Company and work together on a part-time side project for 4-8 weeks.
Stay or Move On. If you and the Host find that it’s a great role and team fit, you’ll have an offer for a job, or you can move on and try another project.
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Partnering with leading up-skilling programs including: 

Coderbyte - coding training | Workback projects-to-hire
Coderbyte - coding training | Workback projects-to-hire


What People Are Saying:

"My midternship experience was very positive. I learned a ton. We were able to launch a marketing campaign in just 4 weeks. Now I have a better understanding of an emerging industry and I expanded my digital marketing toolkit."
Digital Marketing
Real Estate Tech
Brooklyn, NY

May 2021
"Workback made a really great company match for me. I love working here! The work aligns closely to my passions."
Product Management
Los Angeles, CA
August 2021
"It's a great way to test out the company before I commit to working there for two or more years, especially because I made the jump from traditional healthcare to a health-tech startup."
Customer Success
Boston, MA

December 2020