How it works

For Workers: 

It's free to create a profile and match to Host Companies

  1. Request an Invite
  2. Create your Profile and set your preferences
  3. Receive Midternship Matches based on your preferences
  4. Participate in 30 Day Midternships (including a paid stipend)
  5. Option to get hired or repeat as you continue to evolve your career

For Host Companies

It's free for Hosts to post available roles on their team. This is best for teams looking to hire within 6-12 months, or teams just trying to get sh*t done near term.

  1. Click "Host a Worker" 
  2. Speak to our Client Partner team to post open Midternships
  3. Receive Worker Matches
  4. Work Together for 30 Days (Pay Workers a monthly stipend)
  5. After 30 days, make an offer, or move on

Host a Worker