How it works

For Workers: 

It's free to create a profile and match to Host Companies

  1. Request an Invite
  2. Create your Profile and set your preferences
  3. Receive Matches based on your preferences - these should be roles you are able to complete with the skills and experience you have already e.g. "stretch roles" and not full career switches
  4. Participate in short, paid "midternship" projects-to-hire which last 2-12 weeks
  5. After the project, the Company will have the option to hire you

For Companies

It's free for Companies to post available roles on their team.

  1. Get in touch with or by completing the "Find Great Workers" form
  2. Speak to our Client Partner team to scope out a role
  3. Receive Worker Matches
  4. Work Together for a short project experience, following a project charter framework
  5. After the project, make an offer, or move on

Find Great Workers