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Application Process

Create A Profile
Click Apply and take 5-10 minutes to create a profile
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Complete a short video screening interview
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Take an assessment online covering basic to intermediate skills
Finalist Interviews
Meet employers for behavioral and technical interviews that lead to jobs

The Experience for Job Seekers

As a Job Seeker you're embracing an experience shaped around on the job learning:

Skills based matchmaking

Create a profile to match with employers based on your skills, even if you don't have a traditional degree, a resume, or a Linkedin profile. Some employers even train you on the job! 

Employer Interviews

Meet employers looking to hire professionals with your skills profile, even if you're still learning. Qualify for jobs, apprenticeships, and early career roles in our platform.

Streamlined Offers

Accelerator your career transition with offers integrated into the Workback platform - enabling employers to move quickly, and you to jumpstart your career with less friction.

On the Job Training

The core of our platform is on the job experiences working alongside other professionals to build the skills you need to succeed in your new career.

Match to Amazing Employers

Match to amazing companies, like The Trade Desk, who are looking to hire great talent just like you. Demonstrate your abilities with your customized profile and on-the-job experience.
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Applications for the January 2024 Software Engineering Cohort are now closed. Please check back in the Spring of 2024 for news about the next cohorts.  
Upskilling Software Engineers at The Trade Desk
In 2021 Workback launched a partnership with global advertising technology leader the Trade Desk to rethink how they hire and promote junior software engineers. The program focused on hard skill and soft skill learning and development.
Click here to read the case study

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“This was an incredible growth opportunity. Workback empowered me to take the foundational skills that I learned in my bootcamp and develop them in a professional environment.”
Apprentice Alumni
“Workback changed my life. I never would have had this opportunity without them.”
Apprentice Alumni
“Thank you for curating such terrific candidates - everyone was super smart, tenacious, mature, and polite. The apprentices exceeded expectations, and it was an easy decision to bring them on full-time.”
Software Engineering Director